Glacier Park Lodge Employee Centennial Reunion!

Our goal is to provide information to those wishing to participate in the upcoming Glacier Park Lodge Emplolyee Centennial Reunion! We will be updating the information here frequently, so check back often!

We are not affiliated with Glacier Park, Inc. or any other organization.  

Glacier Park Lodge Employee Centennial Reunion update

We’ve had an interesting year finding 607 of us who worked at Glacier Park Lodge. We owe special thanks to the few who kept those employee lists handed out at the end of each season. The addresses on those lists were those we gave when we applied for work at GPL…but those were great clues that guided our search.

Of those responding to our informal survey, 183 say they are coming to GPL for the Reunion on the upper floor. Another 135 are “maybes.” GPL has room reservations from 114 of us. From our survey we know an additional 54 are planning on making reservations at the Lodge and 73 are planning to camp, stay in East Glacier Park motels, or have arranged other accommodations (renting houses, etc.). With 11 months to go, we forecast total attendance—including family members—between 400 and 500.

This is going to be a grand time with the opportunity for reminiscing, hiking, Red Bus tours, special tours of GPL, food events on-the-lawn, evening programs.

You may already have made your plans to attend and have made lodging/camping/other reservations. If you have not made your plans, we urge you to do so now.

There are still rooms available at GPL. For details on rates and to reserve your Glacier Park Lodge room contact:

Glacier Park, Inc. Telephone:

Amber Green: Saturday through Wednesday 

Reservations Now Being Accepted

Glacier Park Lodge Reservations Now Being Accepted
For Glacier Park Lodge Employee Centennial Reunion

It is time to make your reservations at Glacier Park Lodge for the July 16-19, 2013 Glacier Park Lodge Employee Centennial Reunion.

“We know this appears incredibly early to make reservations, however Glacier Park Lodge still has only 161 rooms. Glacier Park, Inc. has agreed to block all of those rooms for the GPL Reunion,” said co-reunion organizer . “However, those rooms are in high demand. And we continue reaching more Glacier Park Lodge alums. Our goal is to have 450 GPL alums on our list by June of this year. We strongly urge you to make your reservations today!”

To make your reservations Be certain to say you are attending the Glacier Park Lodge Employee Centennial Reunion. Rates quoted are the 2011 rates and are a special offer for our 2013 event. Booking & cancellation details are noted below.

Meanwhile, the search continues for our Glacier Park Lodge alums. 

Co-reunion organizers . held their second-annual planning meeting in January a  World’s Wilderness Lodge in Orlando, FL. They are seeking volunteers to help with onsite details and with planned hiking events, golf tournament, and GPL tours. If you want to help